About our company

"R & D Hengeveld's HVAC company is top notch."

I am located in Hellertown, PA.


Hi my name is Ray Hengeveld and I started this company, not just to make money, but to help the customer as well.

You see, I have worked in the HVAC business for over 30 years an I have worked for a lot of other companies in the area.


While working with these other companies I have learned that customer service and quality work seems to go on the back burner for some reason.

Their goal was to make money no matter what. Sell, sell, sell...


This has always rubbed me the wrong way and I could not just sell to make the company money. I felt that the customers were always ignored or treated unfairly.


I feel that the customer(s) should be well informed about their heating or cooling system and know what is going on. The customer(s) should be the #1 priority no matter what and if that spending time to help them understand and know their system (at no extra charge), then that is what we do.


My #1 goal is not to just make money, it is to make sure that our customer(s) are satisfied and happy with their heating or cooling systems. 


I will make suggestions and give our customers advice but I will never sell our customer(s) anything they do not need or want. That is a promise.